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Generation Unlimited is a global partnership that aims to ensure that every young person is in education, learning, training or employment by 2030.

By 2030 there will be 2 billion young women and men seeking opportunities for a bright future throughout the world.

With education, skills and empowerment, these young people will help transform economies and nations. But a fast-changing global economy demands increasingly specialized skills at a time when many education systems are struggling.

Generation Unlimited brings together the private sector, governments, international and local organizations – and young people – to identify and scale up the best solutions for three major challenges: access to secondary age education, acquisition of employability skills and empowerment, especially of girls.

We are building a new and dynamic model: co-creating innovative solutions; brokering support, mentoring and funding; placing young people at the forefront of change.

Global crises, local solutions

Adolescent girls draw while they participate in a Body-mapping activity where they talk about menstruation openly during a session on Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management for Adolescents Girls project (MAHIMA) an initiative of UNICEF at Kasturba Gandhi

Secondary-age education

61 per cent of the world’s 12-14 year olds fail to master basic reading and math skills. Adolescent girls and boys need support so they can complete primary and secondary education with meaningful learning outcomes. Generation Unlimited will scale up innovative and attractive alternatives to traditional ‘chalk and talk’ approaches to education, such as flexible learning schedules, technology to connect rural youth, second-chance opportunities, gender-responsive curricula and teacher training.

Children learn carpentry at ANIR Project in the city of Agadir, Morocco.

Skills for learning, employability and decent work

While the global population of young people has grown, their participation in the workforce has declined. Young people, especially young women, should have access to opportunities to develop skills for learning, employability and active citizenship. They also need support as they transition from education to work. Generation Unlimited will strengthen apprenticeships and internships, link education systems with job markets and support youth entrepreneurship.
Abrar, 25, at a new social enterprise in Iribid called Teenah, which is helping unemployed women gain self-confidence, new skills, independence and a new lease on life.

Empowerment, especially for girls

Adolescent girls, boys and other young people need support to understand their rights and build their own assets and agency to make life choices. This includes opportunities to civically engage, including digitally, and to voice their opinions on issues that affect them. When they start at a disadvantage, girls need extra support. Generation Unlimited will bring to scale solutions that will help young people, especially young women, gain confidence and open doors to equal opportunities.

Young people at the forefront

Mohammed, 15, who acts, writes fiction and paints, crouches for a photograph with his siblings and mother (centre) at their home in central Gaza strip, State of Palestine.

The Generation Unlimited partnership will be informed and steered by young people as it works to empower them to be a force for change.

Young people will be co-creators of solutions, actively engaged as “solvers” in the Youth Challenge process. The Youth Challenge will open space for them to crowdsource new solutions and boost interest among youth.

Young People will participate in all key decisions of the partnership. A combination of online and offline channels will be used to bring young people into governance processes.

Generation Unlimited will influence global policy and practice for young people, and it will demonstrate new standards for linking young people into policy debate at all levels.

The partnership will prioritize inclusion of young voices across the spectrum of ideas, cultures and contexts. It will link existing youth networks and organizations to advance a global dialogue on youth participation.